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Insomnia Foundry and Fabrication :
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There are hundreds of skills that must be mastered in order to properly work with the medium of metal. From pouring molten bronze, to plasma cutting, to structural welding, all of these skills can be very dangerous and time consuming to learn. Yet, as an artist who takes a "hands on" approach to working her medium, Samantha is dedicated to continually developing her skills and ability.

As such, she is actively involved in the local metal working community. In this way she can continually learn and improve at the craft of fabrication, by working directly with the masters of the trade. Thus, the Insomnia Foundry and Fabrication (IFF) was created as a way to developed collaborative work with other artist and artisans.

The below examples highlight a few of the types of projects that Samantha Nagmay has worked on through the IFF:

Insomnia Photos

Sculpture Fine Art
Fabrication Type: Sculpture Fine Art

Some of the most important skills to an artist are those of actually fabricating fine art. Through the IFF, Samantha has had to chance to help other artist create their work. The skills involved include: Mold Making, Wax Spruing, Investment and Ceramic Casting, Welding, and Patination.

Highlighted Projects:

  • 2004 "Brick Cutters" - Cast Bronze, Steel Found Objects
  • 2003 "Single Wing" - Cast Bronze and Steel
  • 2003 "Cyclic Cube" - Welded Found Object
  • 2002 "Acoustic Repetition" - Welded Steel, Mixed Media

Fabrication Type: Household Furnishings

Modern home furnishings, such as metal tables, are becoming increasingly popular. Business for such items is growing, and there can be a lot to learn from those who make a living by fabricating these items. Many of the items highlighted have modern designs, but also a base in the classic Victorian and craftsman styles.

Highlighted Projects:
  • 2005 "Craftsman Bed " - Welded Steel, Inlayed Bronze
  • 2004 "Whiplash Stools " - Steel, Glass, Concrete
  • 2004 "Whiplash Table" - Steel, Glass, Concrete
  • 2003 "Wine Bottle Sconces" - Recycled Glass, Steel
  • 2002 "Table One " - Glass, Steel

Household Furnishings

Architectural Accruements
Fabrication Type: Architectural Accruements

Along with furnishings, adding welded or cast accruements can enhance the style of many homes. Metal objects have a solid, lasting appeal. They can be used for security, or architectural stability, but can also be whimsical and enchanting.

Highlighted Projects:

  • 2004 "Craftsman Rail" - Formed Bronze, Bamboo
  • 2003 "Window Grates" - Welded Steel
  • 2003 "Wind Trellis" - Steel, Glass, Copper
  • 2002 "Wisteria Trellis" - Welded Steel
  • 2001 "Garden Trellis" - Welded Steel

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